A Four-Year Fresh Start

Okay, so this is a blog, and it’s four years old, and it’s empty.  It’s empty because I just emptied it, in the gentlest scorched-earth campaign possible.  Click-click and the posts are gone.

A reminder that it’s your blog’s fourth birthday is a strange one, because if I had a child that I’d neglected for four years, I imagine I’d be in a great deal more trouble.  As is, I took a look at what was on the blog, at the clutter and the trashed posts, at the stats, and figured it was time to start again and do something decent with this little slice of cyberspace.

If that ‘decent’ is merely regularly writerly waffle, sharing poetry and prose old and new, then so be it.  I don’t do that nearly enough in the long form, and there’s only so much you can truly fit into 140 characters or a Facebook post.  This blog has been a few things, and has seen an evolution in content, and certainly in my journey as a writer, and as a person.  I’m who I am today.  I’m who I was four years ago still, of course, but priorities change, goals change, passions change.  And so too, will the blog change.  It’ll be a little more straightforward, a little more no-frills, free of silly widgets.  Leaner and meaner, as they say.  I’ll share poetry.  I’ll share news and excerpts.  I’ll share things I love.  I’ll muse like my life depended on it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital footprint lately, in terms of output, content and the people who read it.

That would be you.  Yes, you.  I really rather dig you.  So, forgive my negligence, and I send my humblest thanks and richest love for sticking with me, for perusing my poetry, for picking up my books, for having me in your life.  It’s an honour, and has been from day one.

So let’s start this again.

Hello. I’m Cam.  I’m a writer.