A Novel Tease – Codename: “CAVALIER”

Because it’s the weekend, and why not.  Here’s a peek at my current WiP (most current of a couple), which is working under the codename CAVALIER.  It’s a dark thriller set in a world of crime and assassins… but there’s going to be a hint of romance in there along the way too.  No release date yet, but look for it in the coming months.  I’m 20k down and going strong.  Here we have the opening…


Killing is easy.

You’re likely one of the happy majority who’s never done it, and lucky you. You have one of those lives that’s all carefree nights out or dinner on the sofa in front of a movie. Walks in the park and warm embraces that last forever. Good for you. It hasn’t been that complicated for me for a long, long time.

You think you couldn’t do it. That you’d be physically and emotionally incapable of snuffing out that glorious light that nature put behind someone’s terrified eyes. Everybody thinks that, until they squeeze a trigger, or the handle of a knife, or a collapsing windpipe, and see that light go out. It’s like shutting a fridge door, only with the horrifying knowledge that the light isn’t going to come back on, and the reason is you. You blew that fuse. You cracked the filament. The simple application of the smallest pressure, and that bulb is robbed of its purpose, entirely by your hands.

The first one will take it out of you, but like riding a bike, it gets easier with each new foot of distance. The training wheels soon come off and you’re sailing solo.

Like that bike, you’ll never, ever forget it, either.

The face of my first still hangs on the inside of my eyelids sometimes when I fall asleep. The fact that he entirely deserved it does nothing to quell that accusatory leer on the laconic mouth that his messed up brain chemistry gave permission to put on women who didn’t want it. It’s not all the time; sometimes it’ll be weeks apart, even months, but in that weightless point between waking and slumber, he waits in the dark for me, just like he did back then.

People say I was lucky to have escaped, but I’m not the winner. I always think he was the lucky one, that I did it as swiftly as I did. If I hadn’t, and he’d done what he set out to do, he’d have suffered in ways that still make my stomach twitch. My father would have seen to it, and plucked, shaved and peeled bits off him until there was nothing left but DNA and evaporating tears. Daddy, as he always insisted I call him, with a soul-cringing self hatred each time, is a man to whom killing is as easy as drawing breath, the sort of thing he does with the matter-of-fact mundanity of putting his feet into his slippers every morning.

Killing is easy, he’d say. Living is hard.

I hate that he isn’t wrong.

I can taste blood now, the way I could back then, mere moments after my first loomed from the dark with darker intent; but this time it’s solely mine. Either I’ve bitten my tongue, or they’ve hurt me enough that I’m bleeding inside. I don’t think so, but I’m numb, maybe from the anaesthetic, maybe from shock. I can’t tell yet, and the blindfold isn’t helping. It’s permanent darkness, where my first waits for me to snuff out his light.

Killing is easy. Living is hard.

And loving? Well, that’s deadlier than any bomb, blade or bullet, and it’ll end you faster than all three.

I’m Kaya Quinn.

I always was a girl who liked a challenge.


Now…back to writing…




He adored:

How she danced

with two left feet

and spanked his ass

when he shaved.

The manner of her melancholy

at the happiest of songs,

her joyful tears at birthing sunrises.

The way she sucked him

with her eyes closed,

breathed his name on

contact with coming.

That she tasted of

cherry liquorice, and

smelled like promise and need.

How she thought he was funny

when he knew he was not,

and let him believe

he was right.

He adored:



Copyright Cameron Lincoln. 2016

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FIRELIGHT – A Collaboration between Fiona Summerville and Cameron Lincoln


I’m thrilled to share this collaboration with you, between myself and Fiona Summerville, the incredible poet behind the collection Only Dark Around The Edges. it was a delight to intertwine words with you, Fiona.


Tangled desires
shadow dance
erotic murals
across walls

Heat shimmers,
Lust’s sheen
Crackling pillars of
Entwined flame.

As souls
hungry to connect
with unheeded abandon
into passion’s pyre

Inhibitions scorch
To ash as
Bodies blaze,
A wildfire of
Sizzling sensation.

together they surge,
an inferno
white-hot and wanton.

Ardour rages,
settles and wanes
to satisfied
embers by
fading firelight.

© Fiona Summerville & Cameron Lincoln 2016

Author & Poet


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