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Beyond the veil,
A prosenium path
Stalwart, staged
without improvisation.
Fate is not fickle, but
Bound to rails.
The spotlight ever glares
On our scripted performances
Through the constructed landscapes
Of someone else’s dream.


© Cameron Lincoln (2015)


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NEW RELEASE! HOLIDAY HEAT in print and digital.



I’m thrilled to announce that my erotic holiday romance novel HOLIDAY HEAT is now available in print and digital formats over at Amazon.

Previously available as a serialised trilogy, HOLIDAY HEAT is has been compiled and completely reedited from page one into a full fledged novel.  The journey to get here has been as colourful and as exciting as the week shared by Rob, Suzie, Donna and Kevin on their beautiful Greek island.

For streamlining, and to reflect the climax of this journey,  the original installments will be retired this week, and with them, the wonderful reviews those chapters recieved will fade. I’m asking all my wonderful readers who’ve enjoyed my work in the past to leave reviews on the new edition and spread the word. 

In addition to being able to sample the beginning of the book over at Amazon, here’s a steamy excerpt to get summer started early. We join our two couples on their first night in adjoining rooms…


Suzie and Rob kissed with slow, sensual motions, lips suffused, tongues rolling against each other, tasting the delicious tang of the alcohol they had consumed.  It filled them with an easy warmth destined to intensify.  Rob’s fingers tickled at her hips, bunching her maxi dress, the hem rising like a stage curtain to reveal her shapely legs.  Holding her dress in place he sank to his knees as if in proposal, but his commitment tonight would only be to her pleasure.

“What do we have here?”

Rob placed quick kisses on the concave white flesh of Suzie’s thighs and nuzzled his nose against the white of her panties.  “You smell delicious,” he said, sliding a finger behind the material, rolling the back of his digit across the perfectly shaved whiteness beneath.  He caught Suzie biting her lip with a smile tugging up the corners of her delicate mouth, the way she always did when he ventured below her waist.

Pulling the fabric aside he exposed her to the balmy evening air, angling his head to trace his tongue across the delicate folds of her vagina.  He teased her lips apart, breathed against her unfurling flower, sending a gentle shiver through her upright body.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” she said, ploughing fingers through his hair as his hands came up the back of her legs, kneading her buttocks before sliding her panties off entirely.  This was indeed wonderful.  The stresses of an unbroken string of weeks at work evaporated and vanished as quickly as her panties were cast aside.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, spread her legs to reveal her sex to him, a beautiful pink fruit, ripe and juicy with anticipation.  Lifting a leg, dangling it over his shoulder, she lay back on the bed, hair fanning across the sheet as she surrendered to Rob’s hungry feasting.  

The first audible volley was fired from across the hall, a shrill yelp that would have worried were it not followed by Donna’s melodious giggling.  Over the gentle sound of moist lapping, a cry came through the wall:

“Oh, that’s fucking good!”

Suzie let out a laboured gasp as her pleasure inexorably built.  “Noisy.  Told you.”

He lifted his moist lips from her for a second, smiling.  “And the guys at the bar gave him something to prove.”


Donna heard the door click closed, then he was upon her, barely giving her a second to prepare, as he so rarely did.  It was like being caught by a giant.  She released a surprised cry, bursting into giggles as he swept her off her feet, thick fingers tickling and jabbing her across her skinny ribs.  She slapped him playfully but was no match for his strength.  He placed his weight across her, pinned her wrists above her head.

“Think you’re a big tough guy, do you?” she purred, initiating the kind of talk he always enjoyed.  “Mistreating a tiny little lady like me?”

“Oh, I’m going to fucking mistreat you, all right.  Keep those filthy Greek hands off you and have you all to myself.”

He flipped her over with little effort, tugging down her long linen skirt by the waistband, exposing her toned ass cheeks, already completely bare; she had chosen to spend the evening without the restriction of underwear.  He slapped a firm cheek which barely shook, her glutes holding firm.

“Call yourself a lady, you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” Kevin growled, a palm at the base of her spine, holding her in place while his other hand slid up between her legs, parting her thighs.

“No, I’m a lady, she insisted, a lady with – FUCK!”

With zero tact or tease, Kev had pushed a finger into her up to the knuckle; though already moist her natural lubrication was still building, so the painful resistance caught her by surprise.  “You bastard,” she seethed with a grin on her face.

He withdrew the digit, spat a small globule of saliva upon it, easing its return journey into her narrow canyon.  With a few quick thrusts his finger was moving freely, so he added another one, packing her tightly, her pelvic muscles relaxing to allow more.

Donna balled her fists around the bed sheet, looking over her shoulder at the caramel hulk of a man, his gaze fixed on the image of his own fingers burying into her.  Kevin was the most aggressive sexual partner she had ever had and was spellbound by the sheer physicality and visual stimuli of sex.  In their short relationship they had never once had sex with the lights off;  he loved to watch his own body invading hers, loved to see himself becoming a part of her.  His pleasure was paramount.

His deltoid muscles were like steel.  His arm moved like a piston, driving a train into her sacred tunnel, curving the bend until it caught her g-spot in broad, sweeping strokes.  She couldn’t contain the cry.    

“Oh, that’s fucking good!”


It was a unique experience, to have such a loud pornographic soundtrack to their own sex session, but not an entirely unwelcome one.

Suzie’s chest flushed red; Rob gave head expertly, tending every millimetre of her garden to draw her inner moisture to the surface, as if divining water.  He was meticulous, gentlemanly, splaying her inner labia to reach her lustrous pearl while still massaging her darker outer lips with wet fingers.  It felt like silk.

He always made her come first with his mouth.  She loved how attentive he was.  She listened to the results of the brute’s efforts through the walls, wondering what his oral technique would be like.  She couldn’t imagine him caring much for it, choosing instead to go straight to the hard stuff to get himself submerged, but she imagined at that part he would be rather good.

You’d be unable to get away, he’d just pound you relentlessly…

Rob’s efforts brought her off as they always did, a calm climax that washed over her like gentle waves.  She breathed shallowly as he rose from the valley of her spread thighs, crawling up to bring their faces level.  She kissed him deeply, her tongue sliding inside to taste her juice upon him; the aftertaste of her own pleasure always elated.

“Nice?” he questioned.

“You’re the best,” she said between kisses.

She sank a hand into his khaki shorts, found his member already standing to attention; she loved how aroused going down on her made him.  She guided him onto his back and rolled alongside him, releasing his seven inches, kissing the head tenderly before applying gentle suction.


Another cry came from the room across the way.

“Very,” he said, as she paused to wait for the next sound, a second shrill howl of glee.

“They sure sound like they’re having fun,” she said.

“Aren’t we?” He sounded a little defensive.

“You tell me.” She flashed him a wicked smile, and sank her mouth over him, all the way to the hilt.


I hope you enjoyed that excerpt.  If so, you can get HOLIDAY HEAT here:


May it put some steamy sizzle in your step…

REVIEW – “Survival” by Rebecca Sherwin – 5 Stars

B6WAvUCIcAAQejtA wonderful and heartbreaking story of a young woman finding her place in a world that is too often unkind, Survival is a great entry into the slice-of-life romance genre and a cut above the rest.

Skye is such a real, flawed and excellent character – a born fighter faced with challenge after challenge, and each victory and defeat she faces is written so well with a clear cinematic eye.  The book takes place over several years and covers several time jumps, but it’s always clear we’re following the same, evolving characters through their trials and successes.

Rebecca Sherwin has a punchy, natural style that works so well for the passionate romance and the gut-punching tragedy, which you’ll get plenty of.  She’ll certainly put you through the wringer but, like Skye, there’s always that desire to continue to the next chapter, to see where the story goes.  This is a highly recommended story and a wonderful first entry to a series I’ll definitely keep up with.

Get it here.

All About Hourglass Events & The Orchard Book Club Peterborough Signing

In just a few weeks, I shall be attending my first signing event as an author, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  It’s an event organised by the fabulous Hourglass Events, run by Rachel and Jo.  I’m honoured to be part of this event, and I’m thrilled to be joined now by these splendid ladies, who are going to give us the low down on the big day and the future of Hourglass…

Thanks for joining us Rachel.  Tell us about about Hourglass Events…

Rachel & JoWe are two very close friends who have worked perfectly together on many events and over time knew we could achieve a better and higher standard of event planning.  So after many talks, and many gins, Hourglass was born.  Each of us brings a different skill to Hourglass and the benefits to clients have been amazing.  We work hard to go over and beyond, adding the little touches that are so important to make each event special and unique.

 What encouraged you to set up Hourglass and put on this event?

Hourglass was a long time coming.  We started life on our children’s school parents committee. We would plan and set up summer fetes, Christmas bazaars and prom nights.  Even our kids party would have themes!  We loved every minute so knew we could make more of what we were doing. As for putting on the Peterborough event, we both love reading and as part of the Orchard Book Club we had chatted to many authors and knew we could host a fabulous intimate signing.

Why hold the signing in the lovely Peterborough?

A few reasons… It’s easy to get to, the cost for authors and fans to attend isn’t as high as the bigger cites which allowed more of a chance to attend.  We wanted an event with a close and fun feel, and, well… because we live here.

There’s such a diverse array of authors and genres represented. How did you go about pulling together such a talented bunch of people?

We have been so very honoured to have such a great following now. Orchard has been a help with that, so many wonderful authors use the blog so we just put it out there.  We wanted a mixed of genres, and I’m sure readers will agree.   Although I favour erotica I also love a good thriller or horror, and Jo loves a crime or romance so why not meet a mix of authors and open up the love of reading all genres!

This is going to by my first event.  What advice would you give to the new (and experienced) authors coming to the event?

Relax, be confident in yourself, enjoy meeting a some new friends and don’t forget the Sharpies!  You are all going to be ace.

And what about advice to any readers still making their mind up about attending?

Our advice would be not to miss this event! We have 31 amazing authors attending, all with great stories to share……Book tickets now, visit every table, take the time to chat with all the authors, and enjoy the whole day and night!

Fantastic.  There is a charity presence related to the event.  Can you tell me about that?
The British Dyslexia Association supports people with dyslexia and their families through a UK-wide network of local dyslexia associations and a national helpline. The BDA also campaigns to raise awareness, break down barriers and create a dyslexia friendly society. My 8 year son has Dyslexia and attends a local workshop called ” Children Will Shine” in Peterborough. The group is charity run and and as we were hosting a book event it seemed very fitting to help this charity, so with Jo’s agreement we are.  Rachel and her husband climbed Ben Nevis for this charity a couple of years ago.  This is a much nicer way to help them!

Wonderful, and such a worthy cause. What’s next for Hourglass Events ?

Oh, lots!  We have a few things locally in the pipe line over the next few months we are focusing on the craft and art world. The biggest event for 2016 is going to be the Leeds author signing event. This has already had a great response from lots of authors, so after the Peterborough signing you will see us shouting about Leeds and the fabulous line up! We plan to keep pushing Hourglass forward and we are truly thankful to everyone who has supported us.

I can’t wait to see the dizzy heights you take Hourglass to.  You deserve every success in the world.  Thanks for joining me here – the event is going to be wonderful!

Thank you for giving us this chance to share!

Rachel & Jo


So there you have it.  The event takes place at the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough on March 14th.  There are morning and afternoon signing sessions, and an intimate meal and ball in the evening.  Tickets are still available but are very limited, to hurry over to this page and get yours now.

Personally, I can’t wait to meet a wide range of amazing authors, a lot of my wonderful readers, and make new friends on the day.  See you there!

REVIEW – “The Stand-In” By Rosanna Leo – 5 Stars

24881284This is a wonderful romance book filled with engaging characters and a great set up – a struggling actress applies to be a professional ‘stand-in’ bridesmaid, and is tailed by a disgraced reporter looking for a story. It’s romance heaven and the story never skips a romantic, humorous, erotic or dramatic beat, and you’re going to get plenty of all four.

Rosanna Leo is one of the most naturally gifted writers of romance working today, a born storyteller with an ear for natural dialogue and a skill for crafting real, flawed but endlessly likeable characters. It’s impossible not to root for them, even when their pasts come into play and their weaknesses show. Winn Busby and Patrick Lincoln are wonderfully charming and a perfect pair to go on such an adventure with. Rosanna’s swift and punchy style suits them to a tee – and the story sparkles when they get to banter.

The Stand In has everything a great romance novel should, and comes highly recommended!

Get it here.

On Expectation, Hype, Cynicism and Geek Love

A thing happened this week which, if you read certain hyperbolic sources, “Cracked the internet in half.”  Said cracking wasn’t due to a cyber-terrorist attack or particularly rampant virus, but in response to the release of an 88 second (I know this, because every article in the build up was very specific about it) teaser trailer for a film that isn’t due to be released for just over a full calendar year.  As a species, we’ll have been on a road trip round the sun and back before our asses even hit the seats to see this thing.  I’m talking of course about the teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens: Colons Are Cool.  Admittedly, I may have added that last part.  Maybe.  The film is so shrouded in secrecy, who knows.  And, just to reassure, the internet isn’t cleft in twain just yet.  It seems these days there’s always something new every week threatening to rend the structural integrity of an intangible concept, but we dodged a blaster-burst again.

Cool, decadent and refreshing and ideal for getting around Tatooine

In that 88 seconds, we see 11 shots.  Yes, I counted them myself, just to make sure I wasn’t making it up.  A sweaty young man in a stormtrooper outfit stands up in the desert.  A beeping football rolls through the desert.  A spunky young woman rides a giant Magnum ice cream across the desert. The Millennium Falcon, the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, loops-the-loop and is strafed by TIE Fighters.  Spoilers – it happens in the desert. The Sahara must have great tax incentives.  There’s also some shots of stormtroopers and a dude with a nifty hilted lightsabre that take place at night because shooting in the desert must be a warm affair and everyone needs to cool down.

Some people got excited to religious-zealot levels of positivity, declaring it the best film made in the history of putting things in celluloid.  On the flipside, some people got angry.  Some people poured scorn over it in such vociferous quantities it threatened to extinguish the world’s supply of good will, and some called for the heads of the filmmakers to be severed and displayed in public for crimes against their childhood and cinematic purity.

A friend, a big fan of Star Wars, sent me said trailer (after I’d already watched it, naturally) without comment.  I asked his verdict.  His response was: “That little football droid is crap.  This is going to be terrible.” So in 88 seconds and 11 shots, he knew this movie was beyond hope, and a likely-throwaway shot of a world-building droid scurrying about was enough to illustrate the film would likely have no plot, pathos, standout moments, or anything worth going for it.  This is in a trailer where we see arguably the most iconic ship in science fiction history fly for the first time in thirty years, and fly like we’ve never seen it fly before, thanks to the great work of today’s modern VFX artists.  Not even that wonderful image was enough to melt even an ounce of the icy cynicism crusted round a heart that once would thunder for the things he supposedly loves.  Incidentally, this is the same person who, after being so disappointed by the sequel to a seminal sci-fi action movie classic, boycotted the original Matrix movie as terrible and refused to ever watch it again, as if it wasn’t its own independent work.  Some people are never happy unless they’re miserable.

What did I ever do to you?
What did I ever do to you?

This is happening everywhere now.  What was once the domain of the angry fanboy and fangirl fretting over what Wolverine’s costume looks like is as mainstream as the parade of new big screen book adaptations or TV shows about sexy vampires doing sexy vampire things.

It happened not so long back, and happens every time a new image, rumour, or sliver of new footage appears, for the behemoth that is Fifty Shades Of Grey.  Swathes of the mummyporn community cried foul at casting, at locations, at the clothing, at the stance and expressions of the actors in publicity shots, while others devoted the kind of love reserved for newborn babies at the same flimsy material.  I’ve seen whole blog posts devoted to hastily-snapped pictures of an elevator in a hotel where the characters get all frisky.  The guy playing the spanking businessman was either the devil or the second coming, just that scraggly Geordie bloke from Pacific Rim had been not two weeks before.   How soon we do forget.

FSOG lovers, meet the comic book nerds.  You’re the same now.  Dress it up all you want, but complaining about the style and cut of a chap’s tie is identical to bemoaning the length of Batman’s cape.

The entertainment hype machine and the instantaneous nature of media consumption has become such that over-analysing and taking staunch standpoints for one side or another as fast as the things appear is becoming the norm.  Scratch that.  Has become the norm.  We’re defining our happiness through the media we consume; lashing out when it’s not as we envision it in our minds and hearts, or decrying anybody who doesn’t adore every last frame as ignoble heathens.  Scornful cynicism and blind love are two sides of the same, endlessly spinning coin.

I’ve been both, in my time.  I’ve defended dreck and railed against mediocrity using my own disappointment as a weapon to bludgeon the dissenters – and I’ve done it before and after seeing whatever the hell it was that got me so positively passionate or negatively narked.  I’ve been both enough, and I’ve seen enough of the end results to know, either way, it’s so rarely worth it.  The great things will endure in your heart long after their time in the limelight has passed, and the disappointments will, hopefully, be eclipsed by the good.  Man Of Steel made me spit bile, but I still love the idea of Superman.

The thrust of this piece isn’t ‘Don’t love and don’t hate’, because passion is a wonderful thing.  It’s merely a message of ‘wait and see’ and ‘let it go.’  I’m resisting the urge to sing that song which, despite never having seen the film, I seem to know every lyric of by osmosis.

As a writer, thinking that someone would write off an entire novel based on a single paragraph is disheartening.  It may not be for you, sure, but being so vocally against or in support of it based on such tiny pickings ahead of time doesn’t do anybody any good.  The hype train just keeps rolling.  Likewise, hanging onto the things you despise and trawling through their failings merely perpetuates the cynicism that pervades the cultural landscape like a crawling red weed (not all my pop-culture references are so bang up to date).

So, I watched Star Wars trailer, and I took a step back for a moment.  I love that there’s going to be new stories told in that galaxy far, far away.  I expect I’m going to love some of it, dislike some of it, be passionate and indifferent side by side.  But what I have now, in this moment, is the hope, that wonderful, nostalgic hope, of a great story, well told, using elements that make me giddy.

The Falcon flies again, and my heart might just fly with it.


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