UNITY – A Romantic Quickie…

I know it as soon as the door clicks closed behind me; I am a fly in the spider’s web. I’m not even sure how you did it without me seeing you; you slipped into the space behind me and pulled the blindfold across my eyes, fastened it with nimble, firm fingers. I saw nothing but the descending veil or darkness, but every sense now heightens to accommodate the one that has been suddenly starved. I can smell you like a banquet, heady and rich and intoxicating. I’m glad I can no longer see, for I know I would be dizzied by that scent. Your breath on my neck galvanises every hair to stand, a parade of scintillated threads on an ocean of rippling gooseflesh. The shiver sweeps through me like a wave, every cell in my body part of an eager crowd throwing its hands in the air in exultation. The sounds you make are a symphony; the intake and exhalation of sweet air, the satisfied moans as you examine every inch of me; and the sound of your voice as you tell me that tonight, as forever, I am yours.

Then your touch… It’s like being caressed by feathers and hit by a train all at once, every pore and muscle reacting to your eager, capable fingers. You combine gentle care with powerful precision, a well-oiled construct designed for my pleasure. Hands sweep down my spine and dip across my buttocks, swooping across my thighs and up over the swell of my chest. You’ve explored this canvas a thousand times before but each time feels like the first. Your expertise is bolstered by experience but you make it fresh at every turn. I crave that touch like an addict, and when it comes, I never want it to end for fear of crushing withdrawals.

I am in your thrall and at your mercy, devoted and locked in servitude. I always have been, since that very first moment; this is merely a physical manifestation of every inner thought and sensation I’ve experienced since you bewitched me. Even when I’m in charge, as you lay at my feet and do everything I command, the control is always yours.

Your swift digits find the clasps and buttons of my clothing and pick them apart, one by one. You guide me to step from my shoes, my ankles breathing a sigh of relief after such a long day, and I can think of no better cure for stress than you. My clothing falls away piece by piece until I am naked but for the fabric barring my vision. I shiver in the warmth of the room, every pore and nerve alert to your beautiful game.

You guide me to the bed and lay me out, sprawled, spread and secured with bonds I still cannot see. My ankles and wrists are wrapped, my limbs straining playfully; the steel frame of the headboard and bedposts whine gently but offer no quarter. I am here for as long as you enslave me; I hope it is forever.

Naked beneath you I succumb to your power; it manifests through fingertips and lips, skating across the surface of me, but also in the complete and utter control I surrender, as I know you’d surrender it to me. Your seduction is total, through action, word and the total devotion you show. I’d do anything for you, and I’m sure, before the night is through, I will. Your tongue pours its love upon my most intimate of areas and I’m beholden to its every flick and expert ministration, mewling and moaning with each deft, darting touch. You assure me I am yours, and I have been no more certain of a single thing before in my life, and I will be certain of it forever more.

Arms enfold me and entwine, and our nethers merge, drawing satisfied breaths from lungs that bellow in perfect unity. Moisture and desire lubricate the piston-precise motion of undulation, gliding like angelic machines built solely for this purpose. The tension at our loins surges amongst a miasma of thrusting, sweat, saliva and shared lust that divides like cells, spreading through us, a perfect viral flood of endorphins, sizzling nerves and orgasmic glee. We climax together, the opening salvo in a war of bodies and minds that will rage all night, and I shall surrender in every battle and allow myself to be stormed, invaded and seized.

You take off the blindfold and I see you in all your glory. The beauty of you is blinding, but I have looked upon you so often that I am almost resistant, like I’ve stared at the majesty of the sun long enough to see it truly. You look upon me the same way, and my heart aches, because I can never truly put into words the complex yet simple perfection that is being allowed to love you.

MUSED – A Poem

Those winsome words
Tumble from your tongue,
Drip and drizzle
In languid, lyrical
Velvet veils.
The tantalising treacle,
Perfectly pouring
Caramelising, crystallising
Your beautiful breaths into
Delicious desire.

Sentences spill as smoke,
From lascivious lips,
Coiling and curling,
Erotically exhaled,
Inhaled to inherit
The poetic poison,
Fogging firing synapses
Scattering senses,
Taking luscious lungfuls
Of your addictive diction.

Your powerful pages are
Expertly etched,
Scrawled and scratched
With intent to inspire.
Ink with an inkling
Of soul and sin,
Illustrious, indelible,
Biting and bitten.
Marred and marked,
To return to, renewed.

You’re a beautiful, bound book,
Cased within canvas,
Vivacious and vibrant.
The tome a sweet testament
To artistry’s aspects.
Nascent knowledge,
Esoteric expertise
Graciously gifted
In the required reading
Of a venerable, velour volume.

MUSEDCameron Lincoln. 2014

Spotlight on… Victoria Kenna Author and Poet @VictoriaKAuthor


I’m joined today by the wonderfully talented Victoria Kenna, an author and poet whose work I’m sure you’ll love as I do.   Her new poetry anthology ENGRAVINGS OF THE SOUL is now available on Amazon, and you can head over and find it here…Without further ado, let’s hear from Victoria…

Thanks for joining me Victoria!  So, tell us a little about yourself…

Well I’m Victoria Kenna and I’m a newly fledged writer on the block. I’ve been working on a number of projects over the last year and finally managed to finish one! I write mainly in fantasy or historic genres but I do write the odd piece set in the here and now. Right now though my focus is the poetry side of things.

When did you realise you enjoyed writing creatively and how did you pursue it?


I suppose I’ve always known that I enjoyed writing, ever since writing short stories and poems in primary school. As I grew up I would write bits and pieces, focusing a lot on creating different worlds very far from our own. In regards to poetry my Grandma was always very encouraging and I used to write a few whenever I stayed with her over the summer.
Despite all of this, I didn’t get into writing seriously until May last year. The first piece I wrote was just a tiny prologue and seeing as I wrote it on a spur of the moment I didn’t think it would amount to anything but it very quickly spawned off more ideas in my head and turned into something very exciting and momentous. There were moments when I would shut myself away in my “writing cave” for anything up to ten hours a day because I just had so many ideas to write down and expand upon.


Pursuing my writing dream would definitely not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my other half. He has always told me to go for it and to never give up and will read through my work to see if it can be improved. People on Twitter, including your wonderful self, have also been very supportive and encouraging too.


It’s always a joy to see encouragement lead to creativity.  Do you have a process/routine when it comes to writing or is it more of a ‘when inspiration strikes’ thing? 


I like to think I have a good process, but I really don’t! It is definitely more of a “when inspiration strikes” thing. I have a huge number of notebooks and writing pads scattered around the house so that I always have one to hand. The weirdest time I got inspiration was when I was brushing my teeth before bed! It really does strike at any time for me and I count it as a blessing and a curse. Planning a certain block of time to write just doesn’t work for me personally as I more often than not end up staring at the screen for hours with nothing coming to mind. Occasionally I can write to a plan but very rarely.
At first I treated writing like a hobby, keeping it as a side project as I weaved my way round the world of employment but now that I am writing more and more it is definitely turning into a full-time job. I try and write every day and I have got so many projects on the go it’s sometimes impossible to keep up with everything my brain concocts!


Tell us about your new poetry book…


My poetry book is called “Engravings of the Soul” and is a collection of 25 poems based on the spectrum of emotions, ranging from love to hate to grief. Each poem shows a different emotion, sometimes just focusing on one, other times mixing a few together such as anger and love. There are some very lust filled poems and then at the other end of the scale some that are quite raw and full of pain.
The name was something that took ages for me to come up with as I wanted it to encompass everything I portrayed in the poems. Emotions are attached to memories and memories are imprinted on our souls. Over time some may fade and get written over, others will be present forever and still be very vivid years down the line, much like engravings upon stone.
Engravings Of The Soul


Overall within the book I wanted to show the diverse range of human emotion and how they can interlock with each other, not only through what is written on the page but also to focus on the psychological side we get with emotions.
I can’t wait to get stuck in – and I do love that cover, very striking.  Of all of your work, which is your favourite?  Which one defines your talents best as a writer?

Oh that’s a tough question! I am definitely my own harshest critic and would probably say none of them but I am very fond of “A Devil’s Magic”. It came to me from nowhere and just flowed from 4 lines into a full length poem in less than half an hour. It focuses on lust and falling for someone who you know is bad for you, such as someone with a known reputation or falling for an ex, despite all the reasons why you parted. I love it because it is something a lot of people can relate to (me included). If you find yourself in lust with someone you can quickly fall under their charm or the “bad boy” image, no matter what anyone says or the warnings they give you. Writing it brought back some emotions and memories in me so it was both difficult and easy to write.

Smoky tendrils
Clawing at my soul
Make me pause
In wonderment
At the magic you weave.
It is not that of light
But that of dark,
Your alluring words
And enchanting spells
Keeping me alive.
Seductive soliloquies,
Nothing more than a glib
Allow me to see
Lingering unrest,
My acquiescence to you
The only balm to soothe it.
Such likeness to the devil
You condemn me
To your realms of deceit,
Your life of lies,
But I continue to fall
Trapped within the temptations
And boundaries you set out.
Mystified by your presence
You lead me astray,
Hauling me into hypnotic trances
Despite the voices in my mind
Screaming out in defiance
As I’m held in your arms.
Inside your Hadean world
You force me to drink
From the waters
Of Lethe,
Each droplet seeming limpid
Instead of the toxic potion
Reality shows.
Every miniscule swallow
Erases a memory,
Remembrances of our
Past transgressions forgotten,
Granting you the opportunity
To fuel me anew.
No chance of deliverance
I am forever yours,
Lost to your words,
Gullible to everything about you,
Never again to leave
Until my tainted soul perishes
Under your perfunctory existence.
As for which one defines my talents best I don’t think I can pick a specific one. No poem is the same and the writing styles differ for each so I would like to think that I can show a good range but I wouldn’t say any particular one defines me as a writer.
I love that poem.  It’s dark and heady and beautiful.  What does the whole process/world of writing mean to you personally?
The process of writing means an awful lot to me. I’ve been through some pretty rough times and writing gives me a chance to escape. I can leave my problems behind and lose myself in fictional worlds where I don’t have to worry about anything. Writing poems especially allows me to express everything I am feeling inside or the things I want to say to people and can’t. For me personally, it is an amazing therapeutic technique.
It’s superb how so many use the creative outlet of writing as an escape, or as therapy, to get it all out.  What is most important to you about poetry?
The most important thing to me about poetry is that it invokes something, whether it be an image or emotion to leave you contemplating upon it. Also I think it is important to write poetry from deep within. Each poem, no matter how long or short, no matter what the subject matter within it, contains a piece of you. The same goes for stories.
On Twitter I sometimes participate in the VoElla tweet this poetry challenge and Mad Verse, to name but a few. To see the range of poetry produced from just a one or two word prompt is staggering, especially as most of them seem to be written on the spot. Even within those 140 characters you can sense the heart and soul that went into writing them.
Do you have any advice for burgeoning writers looking to explore their creative side?
My advice would be to always carry a notebook and pen! Creativity can strike at any time and the worst feeling is having an idea, not having anywhere to write it down and then forgetting it. It’s happened to me a few times so I know how it feels!
I would also say keep writing whenever you can. You may find that the way you write and the creativity within yourself changes and adapts as you write more. My style of writing now isn’t like it is was a year ago when I first started and I’ve found the span of my creativity has expanded considerably. The possibilities of creating and forming ideas is limitless and endless, so definitely write down anything that comes to mind. Even if it sits idle for a day, a week, a month, even a year, you never know if it will turn into something bigger.
My last piece of advice is to invest in a good dictionary and thesaurus. I use a reverse dictionary with added lexicon of difficult words in the back and I rarely write anything without it. It provides me with obscure words and sometimes words that people have never even heard of. I used the word “nepenthe” in a short poem on Twitter a few weeks ago and no one seemed to have heard of it before. It is definitely a great learning tool as there are countless words within the English language that are just never used, so expanding vocabulary and using words not often seen in work these days is a very good thing for any burgeoning writer.
Fabulous advice! What’s next for you as a writer?

Currently I have a number of projects on the go and I am working on a couple of full-length historical novels but they are a long way off from being completed. Next though I am hoping to finish the edits for my first novella entitled “To Escape The Past”. It’s a modern day romance with many twists and turns along the way and even though it strays from the genres I normally write in it has been really fun to write. Hopefully it will be finished soon but editing and I are definitely not the best of friends! I’ve also just started compiling a second poetry book so we shall have to see how it goes but I’m hoping it will be completed within the next few months.
Follow me on Twitter: @VictoriaKAuthor
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An absolute joy to have Victoria here on my blog – do go follow her to stay up to date with all her wonderful work!  Get her book Engravings Of The Soul here...


Spotlight On… Tracie Podger Romance Author @traciepodger

I’m proud to celebrate this wonderful Wednesday with an interview with the fabulous writer Tracie Podger, author of FALLEN ANGEL PART 1 & 2 and EVELYN, unique erotic romances that you’ll no doubt adore.  Without further ado, let’s meet Tracie!

Thanks for snuggling up on my couch with me Tracie.  Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a Padi Scuba Diving instructor with my own dive school based in Kent, although right now the teaching is taking a bit of a back seat for a while. I have been fortunate to have travelled to some far flung places and indulge in my hobby of underwater photography. I like to get up close and personal with sharks. I’m married to David and we are owned by a rather obnoxious cat, who, among other things, goes by the name of George!


Wow, a born adventurer!  When you’re not travelling the world you’re passionate about writing.  When did you realise this was a passion and how did you pursue it?

I suffer with depression and a few years back I spent a little while in a hospital. As part of my treatment I was encouraged to write a journal.   This journal was really just a notepad with jumbled thoughts. However, on reading back through this notepad one day I noticed something, an event that I had detailed. A spark of an idea formed and I wondered if I could make a story around this event. Once home, I sat at my laptop and wrote and wrote and wrote. I got lost in my characters, in the fantasy and forgot my troubles, it was therapeutic. The first book I ever wrote, A Virtual Affair was really just for me and I have only revisited this book in the past few months. I intend to release it 2015. A side effect of my depression is that I have very erratic sleep patterns and an over active imagination! I have a pad beside the bed and when I wake, I write down whatever I either dreamt about or what is whirling around my head. For a few nights, and this was while writing A Virtual Affair, I dreamt of a man and, maybe I’m still a little mad, but it felt like he was telling me his story. As soon as I finished A Virtual Affair I started the Fallen Angel series. Although I changed the point of view from the man in my dreams to a woman, Brooke Stiles. It took about eight or nine months to complete A Virtual Affair, Fallen Angel and Robert’s Story. I wrote every day, 8 hours a day.

It was decided that Fallen Angel was too large a book for a debut author so I then spent some time, during the editing process, to split it into two, hence Part I and II. However, I felt there were some loose ends so started Part III. I guess like any author, you then start to have a ‘relationship’ with your characters and Evelyn intrigued me. I wanted to investigate the reason she never married and decided she had an interesting story, the novella, Evelyn, came from that.

That’s a powerful story – and wonderful that you could channel your depression into such a creative outlet.  That’s inspirational to many, I’m sure.  And 8 hours a day!  That’s a fantastic commitment!  Do you have a process/routine when it comes to writing or is it more of a ‘when inspiration strikes’ thing?  Do you treat it like a hobby or like a full time job?

I don’t have a routine as such. I see my books in my head, like a movie and I write what I see, initially. Because I have supporting characters in Fallen Angel, I did write a family tree, to be able to keep track of everyone and a timeline of events. I also have one notebook that I keep for writing my research. For me, it’s a full time job.FAI&II - advert 001.001


Tell us about your book series FALLEN ANGEL…

Fallen Angel centres around two principal characters, Brooke Stiles and Robert Stone. It’s while on a holiday in Washington, DC, to catch up with a friend, that Brooke meets the elusive Robert. He’s dark eyed with a dangerous past that Brooke is unaware of, a past she has only ever encountered in a movie. There is an instant connection, a sense of familiarity that draws them together. She needs to explore why she feels she knows this man. A relationship develops, an intense relationship and Brooke has to decide whether to return home or stay. However, Robert’s past rears it’s ugly head and Brooke is caught in the crossfire.

These books aren’t about your average, wealthy, CEO and his compliant girlfriend. Firstly, both characters are older, Brooke is 30 and Robert 37 when they meet. She is a strong woman, a woman willing to fight for her man to become the person he wants to be. And he is willing to kill for her. Brooke is thrown into a world so alien to the quiet suburban life she had back in the UK, a world of wealth and power and crime.

Some have questioned whether this is a paranormal and I guess the title can confuse. A Fallen Angel is one cast out by God because they chose to sin and Robert had spent a large portion of his life a sinner. He was abused for many years by a mad, religious aunt who believed he was the devil so on the day he made his first million, he had a tattoo of a Fallen Angel inked on his back – the devil was nothing more than a Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel - advert 011.001

Very intriguing indeed, and an excellent subversion of what people expect. Pushing for characters outside some of the usual types for romantic fiction is always a wonderful way to go.

Of all of your work, which is your favourite?  Which one defines your talents best as a writer?

That’s a hard question! A Virtual Affair is based on a personal event so that one is very emotional. Fallen Angel is the product of a dream, a fantasy life with a gorgeous man! I couldn’t pick a favourite, I love them all for very different reasons. As for which one defines my talent as a writer, I guess that will be the very last book I ever write. I’m still learning, all I hope is that as I write the next book and the one after, I improve. I never want to stop making each book better than the last. There are mistakes in Fallen Angel, Part I, a couple of schoolboy errors and one day I will go back and correct them. For now, I look at that book and I look at Part III and see a difference in style, in pace and, I hope, a maturity in my writing.

Great answer – as writer’s we’re forever evolving.  What does the whole process/world of writing mean to you personally?

I can be very dramatic here and say it healed me, which is partly true but I get to do something I love. I get to create a world, people, events that fascinate me, that take me and, I hope, my readers out of their everyday lives for a short while. I’ve had some wonderful feedback and some great reviews. I am regularly contacted by readers who want to chat – who wouldn’t love that? I took a dream, and I don’t necessarily mean the one about Robert, and made it real. To see a comment from someone, telling me that they loved that book they read, well, it means the world.

Can you give us some information about your newest novella EVELYN?

Evelyn - advert 003.001

Evelyn is a pivotal character in books I and II of the Fallen Angel Series. In those books, readers learn a little of her background, how she met principal characters Robert Stone and his best friend Travis, and how she became such an integral part of their lives. But that is far from all there is to know about this wonderful character. She has her own story to tell, and it’s a powerful one.

In the Fallen Angel series, every character has secrets – sometimes bittersweet, sometimes utterly devastating, even tragic; and as their secrets unfold, the story deepens with a passionate intensity, weaving the characters’ lives together with bonds that cannot be broken. In every character’s life, choices must be made, and very often the past not only determines the choice, but produces its outcome, especially given the complexities of “family culture” explored in the Fallen Angel series.

In this novella, Evelyn tells her story, ultimately connecting it to the sequence of events as they unfold in Fallen Angel I and Fallen Angel II.

This novella is contemporary romance for readers over the age 18. Although part of the 5* & Amazon best selling Fallen Angel Series, it can be read as a standalone.


Evelyn was sixteen years old when she fell in love. She fell in love with a murderer.

Rocco has been sent from Italy to live with the Morietti family in Washington, DC, for his safety, for his protection. He hadn’t banked on meeting the beautiful, but young, Evelyn, the daughter of the man who has given him refuge. He hadn’t banked on falling in love.

How hard is it to love the daughter of the man who holds your fate in his hands? And once you fall, how hard is it to keep your love a secret? Which is the greater threat to them both, to keep their secret, or to admit and fight for each other?

Evelyn and Rocco are forced to accept a life of secret meetings, lies, love and loss. Few relationships can survive it, and not every romance has a happy ending. But if there is a chance……. is it not worth a try?

This is the story of young love, of dreams and hopes for a future not possible. This is the story of Evelyn.


I love how you expand on the lives of all of these characters – exploring different periods in their lives in new projects.  Do you have any advice for burgeoning writers looking to explore their creative side?

Just write! If you have a story in your head, take some time to sit down and let it out. Don’t worry what it looks or reads like, at first. There are loads of courses that will take your money and teach you how to structure but nothing can teach you to write a good story, only your instinct and practice. When you type ‘The End’ the hard work starts with editing. Beta readers are a must and not just your friends or family, someone who will give you an unbiased opinion on what you have written. You will fall in love, cry, scream, laugh, smile, be on top of the world one minute and in the depths of despair the next but at the end, when you hold that paperback in your hand, you will feel amazing.

 Brilliant advice!  What’s next for you as a writer?

September will see the release of Robert’s Story and then at the end of the year, Fallen Angel, Part III. For 2015 I have a new series with a working title, Passion. Four guys own a bar in California. Four books, each one about the life of each individual. However, I’m not ready to let go of Robert Stone just yet, so who knows, there might be a Part IV somewhere along the line. And then of course, there will be A Virtual Affair.

Excellent, it’s great to know there’s going to be so much more wonderful work from you.  Thank you so much for joining me today Tracie.


Find Tracie at her official site, on Twitter and Facebook.  All her work is available at Amazon UK and US.