Spotlight on Zoey Hart’s THEIR ONE NIGHT @zoeyhartauthor

I’m thrilled today to have with me a fantastic author in field of erotica, the splendidly talented Zoey Hart.  She’s come along to talk about her sizzling book THEIR ONE NIGHT (which I can personally vouch for as a tremendously spicy, beautiful read), her process, her history with writing, as well as hint at what’s coming next from her…

Welcome Zoey!  A pleasure to have you here on my virtual couch.  Let’s jump right in.  When did you realise you enjoyed writing creatively and how did you pursue it?

I wrote poems when I was a teenager and loved it. A friend of mine and I would write them and we would call each other to share what we wrote. They were mainly silly school girl stuff but it was fun to see what the other person could think up. I didn’t actually get into writing stories until a couple years ago. A different friend of mine put the idea in my head and after many conversations, me telling her no and her saying yes, I tried it. And I found that I really liked making up a story line, giving it character and essentially, bringing it to life. Along with close friends, I also met some wonderful writers on Twitter that played a big part in pushing me to write. They were absolutely great with taking me under their wing.

Do you have a process/routine when it comes to writing or is it more of a ‘when inspiration strikes’ thing?

I would love to say I have a process, but I don’t really. With the poems, I can see a picture or hear a song or phrase and it will get the ball rolling. As far as writing, I need to have a very quiet house. I get distracted easily. And I have to be comfortable so I always end up on the couch.


Tell us about Their One Night…

Their One Night is a one night stand between two people who have known each other for years. Allie and Janie have been best friend’s for ten years and Allie harbors a crush on Janie’s younger brother Cris. Allie has done her best to keep her emotions under control all those years, until Cris comes home from college and makes her an offer he hopes she can’t refuse. Allie of course wouldn’t ruin her friendship but at the chance of having one secret night with Cris, she’s willing to risk it.
Having read the book it’s certainly a night to remember.  Tell us… who are your favourite writers and poets?

Way to put me on the spot. Okay in no particular order, Paige Thomas, Lisa Fulham, Sierra Cartwright, Christina Lauren, Sylvia Day, Jewel, a ton of Indie authors that I can’t think of right now and of course, you Mr. Lincoln.

You humble me by putting me amongst such wonderfully talented people.  What’s next for you as a writer?

Well, I would love to finish the first story I started a year ago but like I said, I’m get distracted easily. So next would be Rendezvous, a quaint little hotel with rooms to accommodate every couple’s fantasy. There will be at least twenty different characters and ten rooms. It will be different but I’m looking forward to writing it and seeing where it goes.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.  So…what does writing mean to you?

As a reader, I love being swept up in a book and not noticing what is happening around me. I hope when people read my work, that happens for them. Or they can relate to a poem because it speaks to them. I want to be able to give them an escape from everyday life even if it’s only for a short period of time. I love being able to create something in my mind and put it to paper. Arguing with myself is also a plus.

The endless banter that goes on inside a writer’s mind!  Well, thank you so much for stopping by today…

Thank you Cameron for having me as your guest on your fantastic blog!

The pleasure has been all mine, Ms Hart!


Get your copy of the wonderful Their One Night at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Check out Zoey’s amazing poetry here at her blog.

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My First Audio Interview – The VOElla Podcast @V0Ella @VOEHQ

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my first audio interview with the amazing Amanda and John of Voella. Hear me talk about my work, read some excerpts and poetry, and have a chat about life, the universe and everything!

A huge thank you to Amanda Carrington and VoeHQ for putting this together and having me aboard. Click the image below to take you straight to the podcast…


New Release – MINE: BODY AND SOUL – Collected Poems

I’m proud to announce that my new release, MINE: BODY & SOUL – Collected Poems, is now available for digital download via Amazon, and is already a #1 bestseller in the Poetry Anthologies and Love Poetry category.  The collection features 32 pieces exploring desire, lust, sensuality, emotion, identity, friendship and love.


You can find it at Amazon for less than the price of a cup of coffee.  If you enjoy, please leave a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

On a personal note, thank you so much to everyone who has ever read, commented on, shared or supported my poetry over the last two years.  I never thought I’d ever have a book like this available, but the poetry bug bit, and bit hard.  Thanks for your endless encouragement.  It wouldn’t exist without each and every one of you.


Spotlight on SJ Warner – Writer of POETICA and FROM THE HEART

Today I’m blessed to be joined by the fantastic SJ Warner, poetess and writer whose work is a joy to savour.  She has an active blog and two books of collected poetry, Poetica and From The Heart as well as a novel on the way.  Without further ado, let’s learn a little more about SJ…
Hi SJ, thanks for stopping by my blog today.  When did you realise you enjoyed writing creatively and how did you pursue it?
photo 2
I’ve always had an active interest in reading and writing when I was younger I wrote lots of short stories although my interest in poetry has been a more recent thing, I guess poetry that they taught in school came across as boring so I was not really that interested until about two years ago when I had my eyes opened to just how fabulous poetry can be. The older I got the less I wrote as life got in the way but after my youngest child started full time school I found myself with time in my hands and after coming across some fabulous writers on twitter my love affair with words was rekindled. In fact it was one of those writer/twitter friends that encouraged me to start writing during a conversation with Darwin Blake I jokingly said I should write that was when I found myself challenged to write a short story and was the beginning of my journey into creative writing. Stories will always be my first love as for poetry that quickly became a way of getting my thoughts and feelings on to the page and writing them down helps me to work through problems and understand the way I am feeling.
That’s the joy of playing with words…being able to explore feelings and quandaries through language. You have so many wonderful poems over on your blog… readers can start with His Suit, a dizzying exploration of senses and memory, and the heartbreaking Invisible Me.
Do you have a process/routine when it comes to writing or is it more of a ‘when inspiration strikes’ thing?
I have to say I’m a messy writer! I have notebooks and scraps of paper everywhere with ideas on. If I’m writing a story I write down a short plan and then just go with it, I believe that stories are organic and should be allowed to evolve by themselves in fact if I try to force a story I find that I can’t write it. The only routine I have whilst writing stories is copious amounts of coffee, exceptionally loud music (Rihanna, Marilyn Manson, Eminem and The Prodigy are my favourites to write to) and a huge fleecy jumper that I always wear whilst writing, can’t stand being cold so I guess that’s wear that one came from. As for my poetry that’s more of a spur of the moment kind of thing, they usually begin with a picture that catches my eye, sometimes the words seem to scream at me from the picture and who am I to say no to a story that’s begging to be told.
photo 1Ah, inspiration can indeed grab you when you least expect! What are your existing books comprised of?
Both are collections of my early poems, prose and random thoughts. Poetica is a collection of my more erotic pieces where as From The Heart is a collection of everything else including a piece inspired by the novel I am working on.
I know we have a tease of the novel coming up…. Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Oh gosh this is such a difficult question for me to answer, you see I read so much and I’m always finding new favourites but there are certain authors that I will always turn to and they are James Herbert, Stephen King, Jilly Cooper, Debra Anastasia and Tiffany Reisz and then there are the indie writer that I love so much some of my favourites are A.J Walters, Chris Kuhn, Stephen Richards, Ava Bellamy, Paige Thomas and of course your good self.
When it come to poetry this is a bit easier to answer, my favourites are Darwin Blake, PJ Bayliss, Mark Davis, BL Ronan, Jamie Bennett and once again you Mr Lincoln.
Boy I’m so going to hate myself if I’ve forgotten anyone.
I’m sure they’ll forgive you!  Thank you kindly for your mention – it’s an honour to be in such esteemed company.  I’ve featured a number of those writers here on my blog or reviewed their amazing work before, and they’ve all got talent to spare.  So…What’s next for you as a writer?
Well I’m sure there will be many more poems and random thoughts but my next project and the one I’m working on presently is a period erotic romance set in 1914, this started as a stand alone short story but the characters just wouldn’t leave me alone so it grew and grew and now I’m three quarters of the way through their story and I’m hoping to get it finished and published by the end of this year, time and life providing. After that there’s a contemporary romance that is all planned out and waiting for me to sit down and write it. As well as a few short stories that I have yet to finish, looks like I’m going to be spending a lot of time sat in front of my computer!
The vagaries of life always like to get in the way of the creative process, but I’m sure you’ll emerge victories and get those words down on paper.  What does writing mean to you?
Writing for me is an escape, a means for me to express myself in ways that I wouldn’t usually, it’s a journey that has helped me connect with so many wonderful people you see as a busy mum of three wonderful children my life can be a lot of hard work and running around but also a little lonely so losing myself in words in the stories of others is the perfect escape. Telling the stories of the characters in my head gives me the opportunity to live outside of my little world, taking me to other worlds, places and times and at the same time it has given my family and I some fantastic days out all in the name of research although I’m sure they are sick of hearing, watching and visiting all things 1914 at the minute!  Life before writing was a never ending circle of daytime tv and school runs; now I get to open myself to so many different scenarios just by opening up my mind and switching on my computer.
Writing has given me a purpose and is something that I’m proud of, it has also encouraged my children as I’ve noticed that since I’ve been writing they are spending much more time writing themselves and that can never be a bad thing now can it.
That’s wonderful – you’re an inspiration, urging them to explore their creativity and learn rather than just get lost in TV and games. 
Now we have a short teaser from SJ’s upcoming  Lily Of The Valley.  This is hot (and I mean hot!) off the press… (author’s note – this is still an early draft and may be subject to change…)
photo 3(1)

Lowering his gaze he licked his lips, his tongue flicking slowly across them, teasing her as he made her wait before tasting her flesh again. Hearing her moans he bent down, running his tongue across her nipple before blowing softly over the damp flesh, watching with delight as the flesh tightened even more before his eyes, he took the pebble hard bud between his lips each suck and lick extracting delicate cries from Lily. He took his time, everything slow and gentle until he heard her whispered pleas for more. As he sucked deeper and harder his fingers pinched and rolled her other nipple as his other hand slipped down her body and sank into her curls, his fingers parting her slick swollen folds making him moan as he felt her heat and wetness, knowing it was all for him. He had never imagined she would be this receptive to his touch and he knew if he wasn’t careful she would crash into the abyss of ecstasy quicker than he wanted her to. Feeling her legs part even more he continued to let his fingers explore her sensitive outer folds but not entering her core; releasing her nipple he watched her face as he explored, watching and waiting for just the right moment to sink into her heat, her breathing was so fast and erratic and her eyes were closed. Then it happened, her eyes flicked open locking on to his as between heavy gasps he heard her slight whisper nearly lost between the breaths was the one word he had been waiting to hear from her lips, ‘Please’. Without pause he slowly began to sink his finger into her heat, when she cried out he paused before beginning his discovery of her innermost heat eager to find the spot that he knew would push her over the edge. Wanting to taste her Evan moved down the bed, kneeling between her legs he carefully pushed another finger into her; again waiting for her to adjust to the intrusion for even though she had given birth she was still tight. Parting her legs further with his other hand he exposed her core totally to his gaze, with a groan of frustration he lowered his head; his mouth quickly finding her hard, throbbing bud.

As his fingers caressed the sensitive spot in her core his tongue flicked across her bud, the feel of his tongue against her sensitive bud pushed her over the edge and she shattered around him, her muscles contracting around his fingers as her climax took over, her honeyed essence running over his hand. He had known it would be quick and that she was close but even he had been surprised by just how quickly her crisis had gripped her, Evan continued to lick and caress her as she rode out the waves of ecstasy only stopping once her orgasm had subsided. Carefully he pulled his fingers from her heat, placing them in his mouth finally tasting her essence on his own skin. Removing his pyjama top he used it to carefully clean her, the silk slightly damp with his own sweat.


Steamy indeed – I can’t wait to read the whole story when it’s released.  To stay up to date with SJ, you find her on her blog, updated regularly with amazing poetry;  her Facebook Page; and on GoodReads.  Read Poetica and From The Heart right now – available from Amazon.

A big thank you to SJ for taking part in today’s spotlight – I wish you all the success with your wonderful words in the future.



This piece first appeared over on SJ Warner’s amazing  blog as part of her Treat Week, and it’s time to share it here…



The prey is caught, the quarry found.
Pinned and sprawled, stripped and bound.
Wrists and ankles cuffed with steel,
Limbs spread wide, ready to feel
The hunter’s breath, raw and hot.
She’s the X, he’ll mark the spot.

With tongue, teeth and digit he lays to waste
All logic and reason, as he tends and tastes.
Helpless and hungry, she bucks and she quivers
As he feasts on sweet flesh, and her delicate sliver.
Perched on the edge, the precipice reached.
Her eyes plead mercy, for defenses breached.

Musculature ratchets, tight sinew coils
In a miasma of fever, as passion boils.
It floods and spills, the dam is broken
Engulfing release, desires awoken.
Gasping joy and gushing glee.
The prey, at last, is let loose, free.

Like beast unleashed from blissful jail,
She slips her bonds, weals flesh with nails.
The roles reversed, the hunter caught.
He marvels at the scene he wrought.
Biting, scratching, howling, riding,
Her nature escaped, unbridled, unhiding.

© Cameron Lincoln 2014.



Wonderful words from a talented voice.

Originally posted on Zoey Hart:


Night has fallen

And so have I

Into bed I crawl

With thoughts of you

Hands roaming free

Imagining their yours

Moans leaving my lips

Your words flood my mind

Picturing you there

Watching, waiting

Putting on a show

Your eyes only

Pinching harder, flicking faster

Trying to fight

Squeezing longer, whimpering louder

Surrendering to you

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